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As you can probably already tell by the title of this article, I’m going to go down hard on idiots who think that online xxx dating is simple and easy. You are absolutely correct. You have to understand that online xxx dating is not just a simple project of finding women to fuck. I mean, I wish it was that easy, but it isn’t. Xxx dating, like any type of dating, is really a test of your self confidence. How much do you believe in yourself?

You have to remember that dating, just like looking for a job, getting promoted, doing well in school, and other “big projects in life” involve selling yourself. You have to always come back to that point because a lot of people would say, well, it’s just about building skills, or it’s about getting lucky. They dance around that central point, but dude, cut out the bullshit. You have to become your self’s number one salesman.

You have only one product to sell in this world, and that product is yourself. If you’re able to understand this, and if you are able to figure out where I’m coming from, then success is only a matter of time. Seriously. Again, this applies to all areas of your life. We’re not just talking about pussy here. We’re talking about the big stuff.

You have to be your number one salesperson. The problem here is that a lot of people think that online xxx dating is just a simple matter of filling in the right database, showing up at the right website like , and voila! All this amazing pussy comes out of the woodwork. If you’re into Filipina chicks, Filipina chicks show up. If you’re into European women, European chicks show up. If you’re into Spanish chicks, Spanish pussy shows up. Bullshit. It doesn’t work that way.

If you do not believe in yourself, nothing will happen. That’s right. Even if you look like Leonardo Dicaprio’s clone, you will somehow, some way, fuck it up. Even if you do end up with pussy, it’s going to be substandard pussy because you know what? You’re not a fan of yourself.

So, what is my advice to you? What will simplify online xxx dating for you? What would make all your problems go away? Well, first of all, I’m not really a big fan of “magic solutions.” If there was such an animal, we would live in a much simpler world. Seriously. A lot of the bullshit that’s holding us down and keeping us back from living our fullest potential would simply disappear if we just had access to that magical product. No such fucking product exists.

Now with that said, if you really want to simplify things for yourself, start with this one basic premise: believe in yourself. Nobody would love you except yourself. You have to accept and love yourself first. If you think you are a pile of trash, guess what? Everybody else will start treating you like a pile of trash.

The truth will come out eventually. Even if you put up a nice game, even if you try to project all sorts of fake macho confidence, that shit will come back to haunt you because you’re hollow. There’s nothing there. So if you want to be more successful in online xxx dating and in any other area of your life, begin with self confidence.

Find something in yourself to celebrate. Maybe you’re an intelligent person, celebrate that. Maybe you know how to make money, celebrate that. I don’t care how broke, ugly, fat, stupid or dumb you think you are. There’s always something there to celebrate. So start with that, feel good about yourself, project it outwards, and build on that.

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