Is it pleasing to have sex with pregnant lady?

A friend of mine has just announced she’s pregnant and although I couldn’t be happier for her, she is always going on about how horny she is. I don’t know what pregnancy is like, having never been myself, but I hear all sorts of horror stories. Swollen ankles, sleeplessness and irritable moods don’t sound so wonderful to me, but when I hear about her sexcapades with the soon-to-be daddy, I can’t help but imagine what preggo sex would be like. According to her hot pregnant sex is the best she’s ever had.
When is a chick too far into her pregnancy to engage in a little pregnant sex? In my opinion, right up until the moment the little bugger pops out. You have to love ladies that can’t get enough cock and pussy no matter what trimester they’re in. Those big, swollen tits along with their bellies are just divine as they spread their soon-to-be loose pussies for some hardcore preggo fucking. If this is what you’ve been dying to see, follow my fellow free preggo porn

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