The secret of local cheaters

The funny thing about local cheaters is that they are everywhere. They really are, just check out if you don’t believe me. And sadly, a lot of guys who are trying to date women who are unfaithful are completely clueless regarding this. Not surprisingly, these guys end up failing again and again. If you don’t want to join their ranks or if you want to actually succeed and break through from that sad and pathetic herd of losers, then you need to listen up. You have to understand that there is no difference between a faithful woman and local cheaters. If you’re able to wrap your mind completely around that concept, then your chances of getting laid and most importantly getting laid frequently go through the roof.

You have to remember that if this is true, then local cheaters are everywhere. In other words, it only takes a certain mix of circumstances for somebody to go from completely faithful to completely faithless. So it’s your job, as the guy who’s trying to get laid, to make sure that all those different circumstances are in place. Well, nobody has that amount of control, so what you do is you try to find situations where there’s a high likelihood that if additional circumstances were added to the situation things will work out in your favor.

Your job is not to wish and hope that the chicks you come across are ready, willing, and eager to cheat on their spouses. That’s expecting too much and that’s plain wishful thinking.

That’s how you can spot guys who know how to play the game and guys who are essentially just beating their heads against the wall. Does this mean that other guys will always fail? No, they can get laid from time to time, but that’s not the issue. The issue is getting laid consistently.